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The TUNASIA-project focuses on the modernization and development of curricula for the qualification of students in a transdisciplinary education system in a network with companies, research institutions and stakeholders of the region. The project strengthens European cooperation in transdisciplinary education and internationalization, which has been rather limited due to the strong scientific traditions in HE-education systems. This makes it possible to transfer knowledge about the transdisciplinary model to higher education and therefor enables the future generation of scientists and employees in enterprises to draw on synergies from different scientific directions. This seems necessary since environmental problems are rather complex and therefore need even more complex answers. Empirical studies on the needs analysis in the labour market are conducted in the participating PCs and competency catalogues are compiled.

On the basis of the catalogues, curricula for the BA level are modernized by the development of modular thematic clusters, the curriculum for the transdisciplinary MA course "Environmental Management of Fishery Enterprises" is developed, modularized distance learning courses for continuing education of employees in the fishery sector are developed and the MA course is adapted for online-teaching. A centre of excellence for transdisciplinary environmental education and vocational guidance (with eLabs as an innovative element) will be set up at PU for the highly debt-oriented design of the curriculum, training courses for university staff, professional orientation and networking in the local education landscape.

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