Department of Fisheries Management and Development

Introduction of the Department of Fisheries Management and Development

The Department of Fisheries Management and Development (DFMD) was established in 2004. It is responsible for training and doing research in multi-disciplinary fields, including economics, fish resource and aquatic environment management, capture fishery, and planning for fisheries development

Currently, the DFMD is in charge of the major "Aquaculture economics and management", which belongs to the Aquaculture program for bachelor degree at the Faculty of Fisheries (FoF). It also manages all courses in the fields of economics, management, and environment for other majors.  

Graduates from this major would have many job opportunities right after graduation because of their suitable applicability to many different fields, from aquaculture techniques to fisheries management and economics.

With expertise in economics and management science, as well as knowledge of ecology, environment and aquaculture techniques, the Department plays the role of gathering and linking staff from different departments under the FoF as well as from other faculties of Nong Lam University, in order to jointly conduct interdisciplinary research projects.

The lecturers of the DFMD have had strong experiences both in collaborating international development projects and conducting research projects at the national level. They are also active in working with various provinces to conduct professional training and aquaculture technical transferring. 


Human resources of the Department

Head of the Department
Assoc. Prof. PhD
Assoc. Prof. PhD


The duties and activitives of Department

The main duties of the Department include:

  • To manage the major training program "Aquaculture Economics and Management".
  • To deliver lectures on assigned courses.
  • To develop research ideas which are relevant to its major fields of study; then to seek funds for these research projects.
  • To coordinate with other departments to carry out the common works of the Faculty.
  • To participate the international projects coordinated by the FoF.

Other activities:

In addition to its main duties, the Department contributes to rural communities for their needs, especially in aquaculture development. In fact, the staff of the Department had conducted many training courses and consultations to assist provincial extension workers and fish farmers in terms of aquaculture techniques, economic and environmental issues. 


In the future, the Department of Fisheries Management and Development (DFMD) will coordinate with other departments to develop another training program called "Fisheries Resources Management" (program code: 52620305) for bachelor degree, and a major training program called "Fisheries Resources Management" (program code: 60620305) for master degree.

The DFMD concentrates its research orientation on three fields of study, as following:

(1) Management and sustainable development in aquatic ecosystems, especially in lowlands and coastal areas.

(2) Development on sustainable aquaculture systems and aquaculture practising standardization, and their supporting industries to meet the global requirement for sustainable productions.

(3)  Aquatic products and their market issues (consumers' behavior, seafood trades, price fluctuation, etc.).