• lImproving capacity building program for FoF, NLU
  • lTraining FoF’s lecturers and staffs
  • lUpgrading facilities and laboratory equipments for FoF
  • lSupport for a FoF’s new experimental farm
  • lDevelopment of small-scale aquaculture in southeast Vietnam 

PERI-URBAN (2002-2004):
  • lResearch on wastewater-based-aquaculture systems in peri-urbans of HCMC and transforming them to cage culture system
  • lStudy on heavy metals in fish cultured by wastewaters
  • lSurvey for marketing network and distribution channel of freshwater and marine fish in HCMC
  • lConduct experiments for reproduction and farming trials for pond and cage culture of Mystus wyckioides

lDevelopment of Red tilapia culture in cages  

CRSP (2002-2004)
  • lDevelopment of a trophic box model to assess potential of management for cove aquaculture systems in Tri An reservoir, Vietnam
  • lMitigating environmental impact of cage culture through integrated cage-cum-cove culture system in Tri An reservoir of Vietnam 

PAPUSSA (2003-2005)
  • lDevelopment of aquaculture systems in peri-urban of HCMC
  • lMarketing network of fish and aquatic plants in peri-urban of HCMC
  • lStudy of ornamental fish production in peri-urban of HCMC
  • lBiological and chemical conditions of mangrove forest
  • lShrimp culture model in mangrove forest
CIRAD (2003)
  • l Fisheries market in Vietnam
HAKI (Hungary)
  • lExperiences exchange in science researches
  • lShort-courses training for FoF’s lecturers
  • lStandardize the environmental quality management for marine shrimp culture in Can Gio Mangrove forest, HCMC
  • lFisheries resources management in reservoirs
  • lAquaculture potential in the wetlands

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