The European Asian aquaculture Technology and innovation Platform (EURASTiP) is a three year research, development and innovation project, funded through the EU Horizon 2020 programme, and developed in response to EU call “reinforcing international cooperation on sustainable aquaculture production with countries from South East Asia”. EURASTiP will provide a structured basis for multi-stakeholder dialogue in the aquaculture community, within South East Asia and between South East Asia and the EU...

The scope for the EURASTiP could be very wide.  However, in the development of the project, key themes have been prioritized, including:

  • Food safety;
  • Sustainability;
  • Environmental and social impacts;
  • Consumer issues (including the scope of production standards, product quality and conformity);
  • Aquatic animal health and welfare.

In addition, further consideration will be given to sharing of best practices and experience in SME development and financing; capacity building and technology transfer in aquaculture and food products 
and the promotion of mobility of students/academics and strengthening of collaborations between educational organisations. Consideration will also be given to developing and strengthening networks facilitating employment opportunities, work placements, etc.

The six principle objectives of EURASTiP aim to establish and develop national and international networks relevant to industry needs and research and development prioritisation, capitalising on existing best practice, training and technology transfer.  The project will also address legacy, ensuring ongoing benefit and the development of lasting, self-sustaining multi stakeholder platforms:


  • To create & support National Pilot Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Thailand, Vietnam & Bangladesh
  • Develop the networks needed for the promotion of industrial partnerships
  • Review and identify best practice from existing standards for planning and operation of sustainable aquaculture
  • Identify and reinforce professional skills in industry and research arenas
  • Review impact and issues relating to project legacy.
  • Develop recommendations for establishing an international MSP for sustainable aquaculture, considering ongoing function and legacy. 

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